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Diane CBPFC:
My Dad taught me to play chess when I was a kid and we played quite often (he was disabled).  I bought 9 sets and set up a chess club for kids at the library years ago which was fun for a while but just did the basics - I taught from a school chess & math book set up for a lunchtime chess club.

My daughter has been wanting to play so have been having a go and she has been winning most of the time so I thought I would try out for a free one week trial of friendly computer games in which they tell you better moves you could make, allow 3 takebacks and analyze the whole game with you if you want. The coolest part though is that they give names to moves you make such as "Petrov's Defense" "Steinitz Attack" "Dresden Opening"etc

Anyway I am seriously considering taking out a year's membership and perhaps playing real people from around the world. I like the computer avatars because they are not in a rush and combine lessons with the game. 

I enjoyed the Netflix series The Queen's Gambit and Beth Harmen is one of the higher end avatars you can play.

Tarquin Thunderthighs lll:
Yes, it was an excellent series, Diane, and had me searching the web for several days, seriously looking for a nice chess table and set for my bachelor pad. I played a little in my youth, to a very low level, but was more thinking of the aesthetics of the set up, rather than any great desire to seriously take up the game again. Besides, I’m not sure I could afford the recreational drugs.

What does the year's membership give you? I'm sure you can play against real people without the membership.

Diane CBPFC:

--- Quote from: Mince on January 16, 2021, 10:12:34 AM ---What does the year's membership give you? I'm sure you can play against real people without the membership.

--- End quote ---

game analysis and playing bots other than Jimmy (600)

Diane CBPFC:
The Bots have personalities and play chess differently, my 4th Bot  Devon (1600) was clearing the board each time with ruthless moves, we had hardly any pieces left to play with, so I had to learn to play against that style - finally won one game against it. They rated me at (800)


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