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Roger Kettle:
About three weeks ago, Andrew and I were informed that Beau Peep would be cut from The Star. The news arrived just over a year after The Mirror dropped our Horace strip and the reasons given are exactly the same. The newspaper industry is in deep financial trouble and anything that isn't considered "essential" is being sacrificed. Rather than the editorial staff, the money men are behind all these decisions and, to be honest, I wasn't surprised when the letter arrived. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't sad---the strip has been the dominant factor in my life. I was 24 years old when I came up with the idea and 27 years old when it was first published. If you'd told me then that it would remain in print until I was a 65 year old pensioner, I'd never have believed you. I am HUGELY fortunate and HUGELY grateful for the career I've had. In total, my Horace and Beau Peep strips have lasted for 64 years and, when you throw in my 11 years of writing Andy Capp, I simply have no grounds for even the mildest of complaints. I must admit that I find my current situation extremely weird. For a long, long time, my life has been consumed with thinking up daft ideas for daft, little cartoon characters. Overnight, this has come to an end and it's been more than a little difficult to adjust. As I think I've mentioned, I've been writing a book for some time so this will allow me to get my head down and finish the damn thing. I'd also (look away, Mince) like to write some stuff for football magazines. On top of that, me and Tarks will, hopefully, continue to produce material for an American website.
I'm not sure of the exact date but I'm led to believe that Beau Peep will end at the beginning of December. Of course, something might happen and those daft, little cartoon characters may reappear somewhere else---but I doubt it.
Thank you a million times for your support. I will miss that silly bugger.
P.S. If my book ever gets published, don't worry. I will plug the hell out of it on here.

Sandy Buttcheeks:

And angry.


So what's the book about?

Rob Baker:
This is very sad news.

First Horace moseys off into the sunset, and now Beau gets de-mobbed.

It’s very, very, sad that Beau Peep didn’t reach quite the 40 years milestone, and my thoughts are with Andrew and Roger. They should, however, be extremely proud to have produced a silly little cartoon strip which over all these years has made so many people laugh out loud everyday (or, at very least, given them a very wry smile!).

On the plus side (and it's the only one I can think of) is that we don’t have to buy the crappy Daily Star anymore.  Having said that, back in 1997 the Star dropped Beau, only for him to return 14 months or so later. So fingers crossed for a second reprieve......

I hope all us great bunch of loonies still visit here, for without Beau, we’d never have come together in the first place.

We’re putting together a tribute page for Beau Peep which will appear soon.

Cheers, Roger and Andrew.

And thank you so much....


Sorry to read that Roger, I actually read it several hours ago, but any reply at the time would have been largely rant and foul language [nothing new then...].   As Rob points out, it's not over 'til the fat lady sings, here's hoping she's too fat to get on stage at all.   I suspect that like a few other things Beau Peep has been along for the journey in a lot of people's lives, as it has been in my lifetime, and that's a legacy I could live with pretty happily.

I'll keep anticipating a return, and look forward to downloading an illegal copy of the book when it's published.   Thank you both for a fun ride.   As for "cameldung", how could we not continue to return to a website so poignantly named?


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