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Roger Kettle:
It certainly is.

Give us the plot.

Roger Kettle:
A retired cartoonist goes vigilante/cannibal and eats two world leaders on either side of the Atlantic.

You might be onto a winner with that one. Tarks could provide the illustrations.

The Peepmaster:

--- Quote from: Roger Kettle on October 30, 2019, 09:03:16 AM ---Well, I have a few originals but loads of them are in some dark storage bunkers in the bowels of various London newspaper offices. Probably a lot got mislaid when the said newspapers moved premises.
I will not be writing comic strips again but I'm about two thirds of the way through a book that, so far, has only taken me about 5 years to write. Don't hold your breath.

--- End quote ---

This is great news. Write it and publish it! Also, we must think of a way to rescue all those original strips. Someone must publish an anthology of the entire series. We cannot have these lost to the nation, or indeed, the world. Otherwise I'll be extremely cross.


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