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We wish to get all the Beau Peep strips online so that they can be enjoyed in full in chronological order but also searched by character (e.g. Beau, Dennis, Egon), by location (e.g. desert, bar, fort, parade ground) and date (e.g. 1981, 02 JUL 1987 to 27 JUL 1988).

Specifically, we are looking for volunteers to help:

    1. crop the scans into individual strip images;

    2. tag these images by character, location and date.

If you wish to help with the cropping, we can suggest suitable free programs that you can download and use, along with instructions on how to cut the scanned images into single strips.

If you wish to help with the tagging, we can explain how to do this.

Make a post here here if (a) you wish to help or (7) are just bored.

A Legionnaire:
Hi Mince,

Happy to help as much as I can. I know I must look like an eager beaver but I'm (7) really bored.

I do have a modest & recent knowledge of photoshop, but unfortunately this laptop is too old/slow etc to actually run it & due to the 'circumstances', I'm not going to be going outside to upgrade any time soon. I'm happy to test the free programmes though.

Tagging, pretty much know nothing. I know what it is, and how it works as a user. I just don't know how to apply it to images.

Mince, I have already offered my services to this (Rob knows).  I reiterate my offer and loyalty to the BP Forum in this great endeavour.  I've got out to do the work - just need access to the strips (physically or digitally)


A Legionnaire:
Just a bit of a late thought. I'm sure I've seen somewhere (probably the depths of this very forum), that sometimes the strips aren't printed properly. Such as out of sequence, repeat of an earlier part of the week's strip, and I seem to recall one strip where a speech bubble went awry (Something about the Nomad's kazoo?).

What are we doing with those?
Are we going to correct the errors or leave everything in it's original printed format?

I'm sure they're few and far between, so it probably wouldn't be too much to fix.

There is usually a number in the cartoon to indicate its time stamp.  It just needs Rob to detail the dates that represent a number range.


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