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Diane CBPFC:
We are heading to the polls in Canada - thankfully unlike the 2-year canvassing the Americans have to put up with, ours is only about 6-8 weeks.

What I wish is that everyone instead of voting, filled out an online vote compass which shows which party they hold values most in line with and that party gets your vote. THEN some sort of proportional representation system filled up the seats.

Wouldn't that be lovely.

“The desire to be a politician should bar you for life from ever becoming one.”  credited to Billy Connolly but I think Spike Milligan may have said it first. Honestly how true are the objectives in a party manifesto? They are all subject to change or at least watering down. If my MP told me it was sunny outside I'd still take a brolly.
Really hope you get the party you vote for Diane.

Roger Kettle:
Donald Trump...Boris Johnson...Vladimir Putin...Kim's been a golden age of politics.

Tarquin Thunderthighs lll:
Don't forget Douglas Ross, Roger. I wish I could.

Diane, just to helpful, I took the survey. Because I know next to nothing about Canadian politics, for the first 30 questions I chose the most extreme negative option (the far left hand box), and for ever other question that followed, I opted for "Don't know".

Apparently, I'm 78% in agreement with the People's Party (PPC). There you go - you know which party not to vote for now... but I'm guessing you probably already did?

Diane CBPFC:
I live in rural Alberta which means my vote doesn't count as I vote for one of the three progressive parties depending on my mood. Rural Alberta is right-wing bible-belt country that votes Conservative, so much so that the candidate didn't waste his time coming to the town hall last time we had elections.

We were promised by our Liberal party that the last election would be the last unfair election as they brought in some form of election reform - but glamour boy Trudeau lied about that, the Liberals are the third most progressive and pretty much the only progressive party that stands a chance of winning so the hope that my vote will ever count was dashed. The Liberals have less chance of winning this time as people who would have voted NDP backed them up for the proportional representation promise. They won't be fooled again. 

Tarqs, the PPC are the worst so your science was correct, well kinda the worst, the BQ are a Quebec separate party and we also have a new western party that is too new to be on the vote compass that wants the west to separate. The PPC are ultra right wing.

It will be interesting to see how the cities vote :-) 


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