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Happy Christmas.

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happy christmas& a happy new year 2 u 2, i know its too late 2 wish u, but i jus registered as a member 2 day,i am from india , big fan of beau peep, but sad part is i been in search of a beau peep book for many years now, cant get it in india and then when my friend had gone 2 england i asked him 2 get me , even their he couldnt find in any of the book shops,y is that u cant get books of beau peep,like asterix or calvin&hobbes ect ect?. i jus have 1 book my friend send it from england which she bought through ebay,why cant you still publish older books like other comics???how can i get beau peep books other than ebay?bcos shipping costs r 2 high 2 india.

Malky McGookin:
(sigh)...we should agree not to reply to anyone who posts using mobile phone text grammar.

It's the difference between typing "2" and "to" for goodness sake, what are these kids doing with the accumulated split seconds they save? I can understand why that's done when someone is text messaging, but not on a computer keyboard.


The Peepmaster:
Id lke 2 wlcom u 2, Des!

Wel6come Des tooooo dam 8 b0 p33p n0tice bored.

Roger Kettle:
Welcome, Mr. Designation. I'm sorry, mate, but the best way I know of to buy Beau Peep books is through eBay. We were talking about this recently, but do you know which Indian newspaper Beau appears in these days?


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