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Happy Christmas.

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Roger Kettle:
I hope you all have a terrific Christmas.
Looking back, this is all kind of weird. Thirty one years ago, I was sitting in the Scottish Highlands, about to celebrate Christmas with my family. A month earlier, I had come up with an idea for a comic strip called "Beau Peep" and was desperately hoping that something would come of it. My friend, the artist Andrew Christine, didn't like the concept. It took me a year to convince him that it could work and another two years of rejection by every paper in the country before it was finally published. The point I'm clumsily trying to make is this...
In 1975, how could I ever have imagined that, in 31 years time, I would be sitting in my house in front of a computer screen, wishing Merry Christmas to people in Australia, Canada and all over the world because of that silly little guy with glasses and a moustache? Like I say...weird.
Anyway, have a great Christmas and thanks to you all.

Malky McG:
It's been an interesting experience all round, Roger. My sister-in-law in Saltcoats works for the uncle of your friend in Sydney. On the other board one of my old mates from Irvine appeared.
There have been so many happy coincidences I've lost count.

Malky McG:
Oh, and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year tae ane an' a'...

You know, the world is a big place.
Yet wherever you go, you meet someone from your home town, or someone who knows someone you know. That makes the world smaller.
"It's a small world" folk say when these things happen.
Some say it's just coincidence; some say it's weird; however things happen because they must. You fall down, you get up again... you get rejected, you try again... you lose the plot, you find it again...

What I'm trying to say is, as the world is so much smaller, it stands to reason that everyone should get along... so, for my bit, whether you are in Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom or anywhere else in the world, have a fabulous Christmas and New Year, and may peace be with you always.

And Roger... take a bow.  If you'd have given up all those years ago this forum wouldn't be here, and thousands - nay millions- would have missed out on Beau Peep. And Horace, of course!

Happy Christmas, everyone.

I'm still looking for a country that does not celebrate Christmas. I tried "Scrooge Land" but no luck.


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