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Outpourings / Re: Summer 2023
« Last post by Tarquin Thunderthighs lll on July 25, 2023, 11:40:20 AM »
I was loving the look of those pies until the thought of you missing one of the spiders got into my head, Diane - twiggy bits I could cope with. Still loving the names of your berries though.

Sorry not to have brought my story to the table before now, but basically I have nothing to report really, and certainly not on any Biblical scale even remotely close to yours. On the hot sunny days, I've mostly stayed indoors drawing, to avoid the heat and sunburn. On the non-hot sunless days, I've stayed indoors drawing, to avoid the rain. I've done a lot of drawing.

Other than that, I could talk about football, but have no wish to upset Roger more than his team are doing so at the moment, so I shan't bore about my recent Grand Tour of previously unvisited shrines to the Beautiful Game in stunning locations such as Stenhousemuir and Alloa, along with return visits to Dunfermline and Methil (the latter only marred by what must have been a condor-sized seagull unloading on my jacket half way through my otherwise perfect sunset beach walk back to my car after a 0-3 win)

But all is good, and I hope the remainder of your year is somewhat less Biblical, Diane. And yours a little less exhausting, Roger. Three of my grandchildren are now long past the stage where you have to chase them around, and you just let them get on with the wanton destruction, because your house is in more danger than they are. The youngest hasn't even tried to crawl yet, and prefers to just sit and smile at everyone (I've decided this stage is the one to be cherished most). The older two are now season ticket holders at McDiarmid Park, and even love to go to away games with me and my daughter. Little Alasdair and I are both missing Tannadice already... but I'm in danger of talking f****all again, so I'm off to do some drawing. :D
Outpourings / Re: Summer 2023
« Last post by Diane CBPFC on July 25, 2023, 03:56:44 AM »
It is hard to imagine bears getting the small berries off the bushes - they must eat a lot of leaves along with them.  Even I have to pick out the twiggy bits and spiders. 

Outpourings / Re: Summer 2023
« Last post by Roger Kettle on July 23, 2023, 09:36:53 AM »
I love the idea of you standing next to a Saskatoon berry bush with a stick in your hand to keep the bears away!
Outpourings / Re: Summer 2023
« Last post by Diane CBPFC on July 22, 2023, 11:57:12 PM »
I planted 6 Haskap berry bushes this year - they are a fairly recent cross and come from teamwork between Japan and Canada and are taking off in Canadian gardens as they are good to -45. They have quite complicated mating conditions though with male and female plants and varieties, you have to take a chart with you when purchasing the plants to make sure your plants are compatible.

I was also up to my ears in Saskatoon berries this week - these are mostly grown wild and have a limited spread over western north America. They are quite unique with delicate flavour and you only see them in home made pies and jams as you have to go out in the bush and compete with the bears and birds for them.

I also bought some replacement strawberry plants this spring and we started a raspberry patch, although that was more my husband's project. All in all its been a very berry type summer. 

The pic shows the Saskatoon berries before the lids went on the pies. 

Outpourings / Re: Summer 2023
« Last post by Diane CBPFC on July 18, 2023, 03:45:47 PM »
You would think someone would have invented something for baby toddlers by now such as a bubble-wrap suit so people didn't have to worry about them falling over. It does sound exhausting, but in the blink of an eye she will be in the more sensible little people age.  At least you get to watch the fun TV shows with her.

Outpourings / Re: Summer 2023
« Last post by Roger Kettle on July 18, 2023, 10:00:06 AM »
Well, my wife and I have been spending a lot of time looking after our granddaughter---her mum has gone back to work, three days a week. The wee one is almost 14 months now and is both a joy to be with and a terrifying responsibility! She mastered the art of walking some time ago so it's a question of keeping our eyes on her constantly as she wanders around at varying speeds. I'm exhausted!
As for the Summer, it's been a typically Scottish one and we've certainly avoided the blistering heat that southern Europe has experienced. The rain has been a tad warmer.
I'm also pleased to announce that no beavers have been romping in my potatoes.
Outpourings / Summer 2023
« Last post by Diane CBPFC on July 17, 2023, 07:43:15 PM »
It has been a year of biblical issues - we are now trying to save the hay crop from grasshoppers. There was a third large fire in the area just last week so we continue with smoky weather - yes smoke is a weather designation.

A beaver slept in (or at least had a good romp in) my potatoes and we had hail that shredded the larger leafed plants so not looking so pretty but I am still enjoying spending time in it and had my first sunflower a few days ago. At least I don't have the grasshoppers in my veggie garden. 

So what is everyone up to these days? Been quiet here at the fort.
Outpourings / Re: You'll find me in the garden.
« Last post by Roger Kettle on June 28, 2023, 09:31:35 PM »
Will check it out!
Outpourings / Re: You'll find me in the garden.
« Last post by Diane CBPFC on June 28, 2023, 09:24:18 PM »
Have you read the book "Devil in Deerskins, My Life with Grey Owl" by Anahareo?

You might like it, the story of saving beaver habitat in the early days of conservation. 
Outpourings / Re: You'll find me in the garden.
« Last post by Roger Kettle on June 28, 2023, 06:32:23 PM »
 Beavers are amazing creatures. The skill and complexity involved in constructing their dams is incredible. AND they work like, well, beavers! As I keep saying, Diane, I love hearing about the wildlife that wanders past your house on a daily basis. I am extremely envious!
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