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Christmas movies 2007
« on: December 23, 2007, 07:48:03 PM »
It has become a family tradition to buy some movies on DVD for the holidays. It is hard to do in our house because we have two teenage boys and a little girl of eight and therefore it can be tricky finding a movie that one will love and some others won?t slowly sneak out of the room. (And note I buy them previous viewed from the video rental places.)

This year we have:

Eragon ? about a dragon
Evan Almighty ? about a mighty Evan
The Astronaut Farmer ? apparently some guy has been planting astronauts.
Miss Potter ? I wish they could have got an English woman to play this part. I wonder if Ms Zellweger can even say Mrs Tiggy Wiggy?
Man to Man ? a little reminder (no pun intended) of human rights over the holidays.
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